What is the best way to obtain and grow wheat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Please accept my greetings and welcome to the IGN guide for the Animal Crossing New Horizons NMT 2.0 Update. Learn everything you need to know about How to Get Wheat in A Cry for Rectitude and Honor, including how to purchase it, how to unlock Leif and Kapp'n Island Tours, and how to convert Wheat into Flour and Whole-wheat Flour.


I'm not sure what wheat is, exactly.
Plants can be grown in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells 2.0 Update, including wheat, which can be harvested. Please see our How to Download the 2.0 Update guide if you need help with the download and installation of the 2.0 Update.
Wheat can be refined into flour and whole-wheat flour on a stovetop, and the flour and whole-wheat flour can then be used to prepare dishes in the kitchen. If you want to grow wheat in ACNH, you must plant Wheat Starts, which can be found or purchased if you want to grow wheat in the area.

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How to Get Started with Wheat Harvesting

Leif is a company that specializes in the sale of wheat seedlings. When he comes to visit and sets up shop outside your Resident Services Building on your island, you can find him there, or when he comes to visit and sets up shop outside your Resident Services Building at Harv's Island Plaza, where you can find him on your island.

The Lloid, who mentions a botany expert with the greenest of thumbs, will direct you to the Plaza, where you can pay 100,000 Bells to unlock him and begin your journey with him. If you wait a day or two, he'll have set up shop and will be selling a wide variety of seedlings, bushes, and flowers to members of the public. You'll have to come back to the Plaza in a few days to see if Leif has any Wheat left in stock because he changes his inventory on a weekly basis.280 Bells will get you one Wheat Start; 1,400 Bells will get you five Wheat Starts for the price of 1,400 Bells.

Wheat can also be found on tours of the Kapp'n islands, if you're looking for something different. You can also pay Kapp'n—who is currently sitting on a boat at your Dock—1,000 Nook Miles to have him transport you to a randomly generated island that contains various materials, one of which may be Wheat.

However, because each mystery island can only be accessed once per day, if you land on one that does not have any wheat crops to harvest on it, you will have to try again the next day.

Wheat Production Methods and Procedures
Locate a section of land on your island where you'd like to plant your Wheat Starts so that you can start growing wheat. Agriculture sections are popular among players, but they can be placed anywhere there is grass to accommodate them.

Although buy ACNH bells is recommended that you dig a hole before planting, as you would with flowers and bushes, you are not required to do so. It simply prevents Animal Crossing New Horizons Items from being placed in the incorrect location, saving you the time and effort of having to move animal crossing buy items yourself later.

Simply open your inventory and click on the Wheat Starts icon, followed by Plant 1 to begin the planting process. Five wheat plants must be planted in order to produce five bags of flour, so if you're looking for the ingredient for baking, make sure you plant at least five starts.

Furthermore, ACNH bells for sale is recommended that the starts be watered every day until they have reached their full size, which will take four days. However, watering them will result in a larger harvest on the fourth day, even if you choose not to. Within two days of harvesting your Wheat, your planted starts will begin to produce more Wheat, allowing you to reap the benefits of your labor.

Obtaining Flour and Whole-wheat Flour through a variety of methods
After you've obtained the Wheat, the next step is to obtain the Wheat recipe, which can be found here. To upgrade to the Be A Chef! DIY Recipes+ upgrade, visit the Nook Stop in your Resident Services Building and pay 2,000 Nook Miles, which will be credited to your account. It is possible to use this recipe, among others, in the absence of a Kitchen in your home. You will also need to complete the DIY for the Stonework Kitchen in order to unlock access to this recipe and the others in the game.

It is possible to obtain the Whole-wheat Flour recipe by visiting Nook's Cranny and purchasing the Basic Cooking Recipes DIY set from the cabinet, which costs 4,980 Bells.

As soon as you've finished your preparations, locate the Kitchen in your house, if you haven't already done so, and click on it. In the following section, you'll find both Flour and Whole-wheat Flour, both of which require five Wheat to make completely from scratch. For each project you complete successfully, you will receive ten bags.


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