How to Pick the Perfect Bullnose Composite Decking Board with Anti-Slip Traction

When it comes to constructing a new deck or renovating the old one, there are a lot of details to think about. The selection of the appropriate deck for your needs constitutes one of the most important choices you will have to make. These days, fiberboard is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wood among homeowners. Why? Fiberon offers the same natural characteristics of beauty and warmth as wood, but it is more convenient to maintain and less expensive. How do you choose the deck that suits your needs the most?

The board is broken up into good, better, and best categories so that the process can be completed more quickly. Now, all of our circuit boards come with a low maintenance requirement, a long lifespan, and warranty protection. In reality, there are only a few straightforward distinctions to be made here. Aesthetics, pricing, and setting a limit on sales.

The good living decoration is a good example of how to achieve beautiful composites that look like wood but require very little maintenance and can be purchased on a moderate budget. Decking can be purchased at a cost that is not dissimilar to that of natural dying or living wood. The bottom is one of the key differences between the two. It is not as flat as our other boards and has a fan-like shape instead. Because of this, we are able to pass on to you the cost savings that result from the decreased amount of raw materials used in the production process. The assembly of our Good Life Composite Decking Tile is carried out in the same manner as that of our other boards.

The corner frame has a value of 12, while the center frame has a value of 16. When it comes to securing the circuit board, we also recommend making use of concealed fasteners. The product has a durable protective coating on all three sides and comes with a guarantee that it will last for 25 years. In a nutshell, in the event that you are looking for a composite deck that is both appealing and affordable. Choosing to live a happy life is a wise decision. The protection advantage is included in our more advantageous category.


Inventory and palette are the key differentiators between protection advantage and good life. During the manufacturing process, Protect Advantage products are made with the patented permatec technology, which consists of a cap layer that is combined with our composite core. This capping layer is made up of a combination of secret ingredients, and it helps the deck surface resist stains and discoloration in order to preserve its appearance. The permatec technology is used to cover the top, the sides, and the top of the protect advantage, but it does not cover the bottom. Because the finish has multiple tones, you can follow the progression of color across the entire circuit board. Although the striped technology does not have the same visual appeal as our most desirable category of wood, it is still very similar to natural hardwood.

Protect advantage is offered in three different colors, each of which has a fascia and riser that are color-matched to one another. You can also use Protect Advantage for flame retardant board, which is referred to as Protect Advantage fr. The California Fire Marshall's office conducted tests on the product to ensure its safety before granting approval for use in wasteland urban interface areas. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, you should give careful consideration to the benefits of protection. Within our best category, we provide a choice between two different cover composites. Planking that is symmetrical as well as horizontal planking. The technology known as permatec has been used to cover both decks on all four sides.

There are other businesses that sell covered cardboard, but it is not permatec and it does not always have symmetrical and horizontal four-sided designs. You will notice a difference in the color as well as the texture pattern on either side of the cardboard. If you are constructing a raised deck and want to add a fourth finish to the bottom of the board, this will be quite different. Because of this, if necessary, you can flip Anti Slip Composite Decking the board over and use the opposite side. The potential for downtime can be reduced when using four-sided covers, regardless of whether you are building the deck yourself or paying a contractor. You are not required to go to the dealer to purchase replacement plates or, even worse, to wait for a special order because the plates have been damaged while being transported or while they are being used on the job site.

One more reason why our permatec hat layer is superior to that of our competitors is the fact that it is able to maintain the wood's natural and rich appearance, complete with a variety of wood grains and multi-colored stripes. Both symmetry and levelness are equivalent in terms of the cost and the performance they provide. The only distinction is one of visual appeal. The finish on Symmetry decking is matte, which means it is not as shiny as the finish on many other composites. Looks like natural hardwood.

The symmetrical decoration consists of four colors, each of which has thin stripes of multiple colors. If you look carefully, you'll notice that the board as a whole is going through a color transition. Because the texture pattern is completely random, there will be no obvious repetition anywhere on the circuit board even after you have installed the deck. In 2016, we introduced symmetry, and ever since then, it has garnered a lot of interest. Horizon decking first appeared on the market a few years ago and has consistently been one of our most popular products. The surface is not quite as rough as the symmetry, but the multicolored stripe is the most notable distinction.


It has a more striking appearance, one that is more akin to high-quality and exotic hardwood. You will find that the stripe is very noticeable and striking on the full-size deck. This is due to the fact that the light and dark colors on the entirety of the deck are distinct from one another. It's something I always recommend doing, just like you would on an indoor hardwood floor: setting up the deck in front of me. You can use this method Bullnose Composite Decking to ensure that the colors are mixed evenly across the entire deck horizon, which contributes to symmetry. There are two sides that are not being used and both are excellent options for the second deck. There are materials with grooves as well as square edges. There are four different colors available to choose from, and the lintel and riser for each color are identical.

In addition, the best category is the paramount deck. In contrast to symmetry and horizon, paramount is a honeycomb-patterned board made of PVC. A capping layer that is constructed out of a polymer alloy material is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sturdy board that is capable of withstanding virtually anything. Mold can't grow on Paramount board, so it's safe to use in areas that are considered a wasteland-urban interface. Because this board is lighter than the capping composite by its very nature, it is much simpler to transport and work with. Due to the fact that paramount is a PVC board, it does not contain any organic components. This is an excellent option for use in the construction of a pier or any other structure along the water.

Slip resistance and a limited lifetime warranty are both included with the purchase of Paramount planks. These plates have square or grooved edges, but we recommend using specialized fastener brands and having installation expertise. Because of this, you have the option of selecting from among four different cover composites and one PVC option, each of which comes in a variety of colors and features a number of benefits.

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