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First: Be impulsive, but it’s best to do your homework at the beginning
Although sex dolls culture has become a microclimate in recent years, with the spread of mainstream media, the number of people who know physical dolls is also increasing, but it is still a relatively hidden item. First, consider storage issues, living with others, and communication. and hidden methods. If you don't want to get stuck on a blind date (most groups have partner skips, solo skips, etc.). You can play with your baby safely! In addition to the privacy of the carton packaging of the doll itself, you can also use the sofa as shown below to store the doll. Weight is approximately 25-38 kg. This is a simple artifact!
Let's take a look at the party scene. If you want to take a photo, dressing up and wearing clothes are essential, but because of communication and face issues, you don’t want everyone to know. Work, work, work, work, work! Here are some examples of common strategies. Of course, the main communication role can serve as a reference. If you are tired, you can rent a room alone!
1: I have become obsessed with art recently. I didn’t want to be a model, I didn’t want to go into town and write! !
2: The SLR camera I recently started taking photography with was too expensive. To avoid beating up your family, use male sex dolls for sale first to see if you're the one! Then consider buying a DSLR! (You must keep your eyes open! You are the future!
3: The ratio of men to women in our generation is very poor. The old man has hung up the phone. Now we can say that men are on the road to dating. A cockroach is a cockroach, and a cockroach is a licker. As a patriotic young man, I decided to resolutely participate in the doll cause to build the socialist building with more peace of mind, so I had no choice but to buy one and go back to school!
2: Have enough knowledge about the doll you want to buy.
Would you order a doll, pay for it, and then sit and wait for the baby to be finished? of course not!
Tpe dolls are also suitable for silicone dolls, but there are some details that need to be provided to the customer, and the order will be produced according to customer requirements! OK!
The main options are:
Doll color: black/wheat/normal/white. Or use some related explanations for better understanding. What colors can you make?
Doll wig styles, eye colors, makeup options available from some manufacturers, and some special head structure options. Just like the tongue. Different wigs can drastically change the visual effect.
Skeleton options, most manufacturers offer a selection of skeletons. You know, there are many kinds of 160cm sex doll skeletons. Breast fillers, such as TPE, are available in solid and hollow types. The hollow type is definitely better, but for general small breast types, it is recommended that the solid type be based on your choice.
Permanent choice: the regular version is low, like the human body. But you can't stop it, the longer it goes, the lower the damage will be. Therefore, we do not recommend the regular version of Pat Party! Because this reduces a lot of available shapes! In addition to sitting, basic dolls are also available lying down or kneeling.
I need to be specific about the standing version. First, taking TPE as an example, there are 3 load-bearing claws and 1 exposed claw.

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