Love dolls are the best and most important companions in life

China is the country with the largest production and export of physical dolls, and the United States is the country with the largest number of living people owning physical love dolls. For many people, a physical doll is just a toy that satisfies singular fantasies, but for some people, a physical most realistic sex doll is the best and most important companion in life. This all means that this brand can cater to those who need to live alone.
Some families use blow-up love dolls as family members, giving them different clothing, makeup and hairstyle changes. Some male inflatable doll collectors believe that inflatable dolls are not as flawed as women, have no temper, and do not lie, cheat, or judge you. American photographer Markson interviewed and photographed many of the inflatable doll's owners in an attempt to understand the reasons behind this particular slap, which she says are people who want to protect, love, care for or value them, just like your friends.
The traditional users of inflatable dolls in the United States are mostly lonely single men, and their reasons for living with inflatable dolls vary. After more than a year of hard work, Maxson, with the consent of the blow-up love dolls crowd, captured these hot photos of blow-up dolls and the reasons to own them.
The man had a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he also had five blow-up dolls. Kahan divorced more than twenty years ago and was married to a woman for eight years, but he never found a woman who could become his sweetheart. In 1998, he bought an inflatable doll and later lived with it.
A man tries to date women after his wife dies from cancer, only to find that the woman he likes doesn't like him back. He then designed and named an inflatable doll to match his wife's appearance and keep her company.
I would like to point out that it is women who buy blow-up customize sexdoll, not men.
Contrary to people's imagination, people who live with inflatable dolls are content with the same living standards as ordinary people. I don't have any mental illness like depression. Sexual objectivity is different from normal unless it affects other aspects of life, but medical professionals do not consider it a pathological condition.
Finally, we are told that all people need companionship, but it is just the baby who chooses his own way, releases the emotions he needs, affects the person's body and mind, and this is not a bad thing.

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