You decide to buy the head full set from the vendor

The price is identical to the savage set except with MOS valor WoTLK Gold. The set comes with 30 emblems for the gloves and shoulders and 45 emblems for the chest lives and the head. If you purchase these pieces with the emblems from Valor at the Quartermaster, then you won't need the arena rating to purchase these.
If you decide to buy the head full set from the vendor in the arena, they will have all the goblins in the lower part of dollar run on the wooden platform. Prices start at 400 data points and 7200 data points for gloves. Prices go up until 700 data points as well as 12.000 100 points per chest. AIX and head is just a little more than the arena points cost of the Savage pieces. When purchasing from the arena seller, you'll need the rating as well which starts between 60 and 50 on the gloves, and go all the way to 1775 for the shoulders.
There is also the pieces that are vile from the vaults of Arvon raid, which is available found in Wintergrasp and I will be discussing it later on in this video. The gear that is called Hateful also contains the first PvP off pieces that can be purchased. These items can only be bought with honor points. I don't have any requirements for buy WoTLK Classic Gold rating that can be purchased at the PvP vendors as well as Orgrimmar or Stormwind.
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