It's been dubbed missile barrage

In the Mage discord, shouts out to him for the amazing work he did on this as well as the fantastic description in the pin. I also have it a NightBot command for my channel in discord and crediting it to his. He has demonstrated WoTLK Gold that it is possible to hard cast Arcane Missiles, which have higher mana effectiveness and less damage than Arcane Barrage.
Even if you don't have a proc, for instance you're currently at 60x and you don't have missile barrage proc need to still casting your Arcane Missiles and that's why it's been dubbed missile barrage, gambling. And the reason for that is that once you've completed the last Arcane Blast, like right here, if I apply the Arcane Missiles right into it there's still a 40% chance of that Arcane Blast finishing the cast and giving me a missile barrage Croc.
On average that means hard casting Arcane Missiles that are like that will provide better DPS than Arcane Barrage in terms of clearing your stacks because you're forced to change to an inverse man rotation. This is the reason why you can have specks that don't pick up Arcane Barrage at all, because you do not utilize it to dump stacks cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. You make use of Arcane Barrage for doing damage on the move.
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