This could very well be related to the Diablo 4 controversy

Its release of Diablo 4 Gold has received a quite a lot of criticism from the wider gaming community. With the title historically receiving criticism for its emphasis on mobile platforms, negative public opinion has increased in a way that most people could not had anticipated prior to its launch.
It's the alleged pay-to-win aspect of the microtransactions in Diablo 4 that has drawn the most ire, with players reportedly having to pay hundreds of thousands of real world dollars when they want to max out a player character's statistics. Despite the continued backlash surrounding the title however, there's been a worrying level of radio silence from the game's developer, Blizzard Entertainment.
The Diablo 4 Microtransaction Controversy Explained
In order to understand why the lack of official response from Blizzard is such a concern, a firm grasp of just how egregious the microtransactions feature of Diablo 4 is must first be established. Diablo 4 is a free-to-play game designed for mobile devices as well as PC. Many will sensibly assume the game which is curated for mobile gaming is bound to have a microtransaction element, since Blizzard must make an income, even though the amount to which Diablo 4 pushes the system upon players has caused an upswing in the gaming community.
Diablo 4 heavily promotes special offers, as well with loot boxes with extremely valuable legendary gems that make a huge difference in maximizing the potential of a character's statistics. The streamers have said that it's possible to spend more than $500.000 to fully level an Diablo 4 character, with this kind of absurdity are the main source of controversy the game is currently embroiled in.
The extremely low chance of obtaining the most valuable items in the game are contributing to the massive numbers as well as a fan-created Diablo 4 loot box simulator designed to allow players to discover how slim the chances of getting 5-star gems truly are. A lot of streamers have already quit this game due to the necessity of microtransactions in order to progress with no monotony. Therefore, the absence of an official acknowledgment by Blizzard is quite alarming.
The reason Blizzard's silence is worrying
Given the high profile of the controversy surrounding Diablo 4 is, many would think that the creators behind the game would have already made modifications to the microtransaction system, or at the very least made a statement in regards to the criticism. For example, when Battlefront 2 was going through its infamous microtransaction crisis, EA took a short time to remove microtransactions out of the game to reevaluate their pricing. Despite this comparable historical precedent but no similar effort has been announced by Blizzard at the moment at the time of writing.
Unfortunately, many point to the continuing commercial success from Diablo 4 as the potential reason for Blizzard's reluctance to take immediate actions. Diablo 4 is reportedly making $1 million per day in its current state it is clear that a specific part of the player base is still utilizing the microtransaction system to an extensive extent, despite the rumblings of criticism. That kind of income incentivizes Blizzard to maintain the system which could signal that the game will not be changing any time soon.
Having said this Recent job advertisements indicate that Blizzard is hiring experts in crisis management to fill a role in the global communications department of the company. This could very well be related to the Diablo 4 controversy. If Buy Diablo IV Gold continues to make huge amounts of profit, a reaction from Blizzard runs the risk of becoming a distant memory in the face of the microtransaction system clearly not at the point of being totally rejected by the community.
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