New World: How to Obtain Fibers

In the immersive world of New World, resources play a crucial role, particularly when it comes to crafting. If you're eager to dive into clothing crafting, you'll need to acquire a key resource called Fiber, which can only be obtained from Hemp plants scattered throughout the game world.

Things can get tricky when you start needing to find specific resources. RPGStash is dedicated to helping players get more New World Gold For Sale and resources. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about finding Hemp locations and getting Fiber in the new world.

Finding Hemp and Fiber in New World

The good news is that Hemp can be found in numerous locations across New World. Look for tall plants adorned with purple flowers at the top, as these indicate Hemp plants (note that smaller plants with purple flowers are not Hemp).

Before you embark on harvesting Hemp, ensure you have a Harvesting Sickle. You can easily craft one at any campfire using one Green Wood (obtained from bushes and trees) and one Flint (gathered from Flint rocks).

Once you've spotted Hemp in the wilderness, simply approach it and press the "E" key to start the harvesting process. As you deplete the harvesting gauge, you'll be rewarded with one or more pieces of Fiber.

To make your search for Hemp more focused, open your map and look for the "Resource Locations" section, which displays the resources available in different biomes. Hemp can be found in the Grassland and Forest areas, allowing you to narrow down your search.

For further assistance in pinpointing Hemp locations, you can use external resources like the fan-made site called New World Map. It offers an interactive map where you can customize your search criteria, including specific resources like Hemp. This allows you to streamline your search and expedite the process of finding Hemp plants.

Whether you're a low-level or high-level player in New World, Hemp and Fiber are valuable resources. It's advisable to gather a substantial amount of Fiber during your harvesting expeditions, ensuring you have an ample supply on hand. Remember that you can always deposit excess resources in the Storage Shed of any settlement, so there's no need to worry about carrying excessive amounts of Fiber.

While it may require some effort and exploration, rest assured that with persistence, you'll eventually locate Hemp plants and obtain the coveted Fiber resource. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can try to buy new world gold from a professional supplier with nearly 20 years of supply experience, reasonable price, and a trustworthy online store.

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