What is World Set in New World?

World Set is the term used in the new world when choosing which server to start. Here's what that means if it's something you need to worry about.

New World allows players to choose among numerous worlds to start their first character with, all of which have a category called "World Set". Novice players may not know what the World Set in New World means. So what is a World Set?

What does "World Set" mean in New World

In the new world, World Set is the term used in the new world when choosing which server to start. The term "worldset" is used to group a large number of worlds. Amazon Games can merge any worlds that have the same world set together. Hovering over the question mark displays the following tooltip:

A world set is a collection of selected worlds. When selected, there will be some restrictions. This is Amazon Games' convenient management to provide players with the best experience. Developers can collect all worlds with the same world set and combine them into one world.

There can only be one character per worldset. If you have a character in Lagado which is part of the Pangaia Eta World Set, you cannot have a character in Agartha as it is also in the Pangaia Eta World Set.

You can't play with friends from different worlds, if a friend is in Agartha and I'm in Lagado, we won't see each other in the game even though they are in Pangaia Eta World Set. The same goes for trading, you can only trade New World Gold or items with players in the same world.

Before you start creating characters, do some research on the new world before you decide which character you should join. A World Set is a category that contains multiple worlds so that Amazon Games can merge all worlds into the same World Set in the event of a reduced population. This ensures the player experience is the best it can be.

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