Why I recommend you play Realm of the Mad God Exalt

Realm of the Mad God is a beloved free-to-play MMO and bullet hell shooter where you kill as many pixelated enemies on the screen as you can. Not only do deaths come surprisingly quickly if you're not careful, but every death is permanent, especially when your character is capped at level 20.

Like other MMORPGs, the Realm of the Mad God is reduced to its simplest form in RotMG Exalt - shooting and looting. It's also the most mechanical and mind-numbing traditional RPG system, with archers shooting, rogue shooting (shorter bullets) and priests shooting (and healing allies)

Players enter the game, choose a character class to play, such as fighter or mage, and then continue to hone until they gradually level up. Along the way, you collect powerful weapons, armor, and accessories to increase your damage and strengthen your defenses. After a few hours, you could die and lose everything. What a pity!

It is precise because of such a simple and crude setting that it is difficult for many players to let go because the issuance and withdrawal of rewards happen so frequently and quickly that it actually encourages longer, procrastinated expeditions.

You may soon discover that the easiest way to get through most of the initial fight unscathed is to doggedly follow a stronger stranger, survival means being cautious and knowing when to make a cowardly move Retreating will only save you from losing hours of progress.

When it is difficult for us to survive in the game, we must learn to protect ourselves or use powerful teammates to help us avoid disasters. Wait until you collect more powerful weapons and upgrade them before showing your strength. This is the best way for players to survive in the game. One of the safe ways.

For those impatient players, collecting weapons to upgrade their characters is a long process. Some players will gradually give up due to lack of time or patience, but some players skip the collection steps by purchasing RotMG Items to directly obtain powerful weapons. Gear up and enjoy the exciting parts of the game.

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