Apple caramel pancakes

Apple Caramel Pancakes The house is full of extra apples, and I'm craving pancakes. And why not? Making these caramel apple pancakes is hardly any more time-consuming than making normal pancakes. The apples should be peeled and sliced before the pancake batter is made, and the caramel whipped cream should be ready between pancake flips. You did hear correctly, You'll also get caramel whipped cream in addition to the caramel, apples, and pancakes! Make these caramel apple pancakes for an utterly delectable breakfast.


Making the whipped caramel cream

You will require:

2 cups heavy cream for whipping

8 pumps of syrup with a caramel flavor (2.8 oz of any flavoring syrup)

12 liter whipping canister 

1 Rotass N20 charger supply


Use thick whipping cream that has been refrigerated. Pour cream and caramel syrup into the dispenser. Charge with a head-on stance. The charger should be taken out and replaced with a cap. 5–6 times of vigorous shaking. Completely invert the dispenser, then gently depress the lever. Ensure refrigeration.


Use two N2O chargers and twice the recipe if using a 1-liter whipper.

Apple concoction.

You will require:

3 apples, sliced very thin.

½ water

1/8 cup of sugar

Cinnamon, 1 t.


In a medium saucepan, combine all the ingredients. The apples should be cooked on medium heat until they are soft and the liquid has slightly thickened. Depending on how sweet you want it, you can adjust the sugar and cinnamon proportions.



You'll require: 1 egg

1/4 cup milk, 1 cup flour

Sugar: 1 T, 2 T


Step 1: Grease the skillet lightly, then heat on medium or low. When a few drops of water are sprinkled on the skillet and sizzle, the pan is sufficiently hot. As much apple combination as you like should be added after pouring around 14 cup of pancake batter into the skillet. Like always, make pancakes.

Step 2: Add extra apple mixture to the pancake stack, followed by the caramel-flavored whipped cream. You can add chopped salted peanuts or a drizzle of caramel syrup as a garnish.

Step 3: Have fun!

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