Why Choose KENENG As Your Custom Spring Manufacturer

Spring is a mechanical parts using elasticity to work. The parts made of elastic materials are deformed under the action of external force and the original state is restored after removing the external force.

KENENG is one of the leading China spring suppliers, providing both standard stock products and customized service, with 20 years designing, researching and developing, manufacturing experience, a variety of standard and customized size available.

custom spring manufacturer

As a spring manufacturing company. KENENG have various specifications of a fully automatic computer spring coiling machine, computer spring grinding machine, continuous mesh belt quenching furnace, tempering furnace, spring tension and compression testing machine, spring fatigue testing machine, and a complete set of spring hot coil equipment. With complete production and testing equipment and advanced production technology, we can make many different kinds of springs to meet your requirement.

KENENG always adhere to the principle of "quality first", select qualified materials, adopt advanced equipment, use professional production technology, adhere to a serious, responsible, united, and innovative working attitude, produce high-quality products, and provide humanized services, which has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.

As a professional custom spring manufacturer, KENENG can meet various industrial requirements and the diameter can be customized ranging from 0.1 to 80mm. KENENG can provide spring customization as the drawings, turning direction including left hand and right hand, material, finishing, wire diameter, spring force, end type including closed, grounded, close and grounded, open, special processing technology for the spring all can be selected.

Non-standard spring customization needs customers to coordinate design and production with us, according to the actual use of the environment, installation space, pressure size to choose the material of the spring, line diameter, size and special processing technology.

The following basic data when ordering, so as to process and customize the drawings and samples. If there are no drawings, please send us the specifications.

(1)Specifications: wire diameter, OD (outside diameter) or ID ( Inside diameter), free length, coil numbers, active coil numbers.

(2)Technical requirements: turning direction ( left hand / right hand) , material, finishing, spring force, end type ( closed /grounded/ close and grounded/open).

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