A Few Reasons to Buy a Dog Swimming Pool

If you have kids, you can use it as a kid's pool, it can be a great fun for them in this pool. You can also use it to bathe your pets or play with pets and children for fun and coolness for kids and dogs.

GU & PETs sells a foldable dog pet bath pool with cover and hose adapter, this foldable dog pool can be used for bathing and swimming without the hassle of inflating.

The GU & PETs dog swimming pool is covered by durable PVC material with built-in thick high-strength double-wall polypropylene board, which stably supports the entire pool and is not easy to collapse. Contrary to inflatable designs, there is no risk of piercing the material with your dog's nails, even though it's a good idea to trim them first. The tough PVC material is very durable and non-slip, and the non-slip bottom prevents your pet from slipping while jumping in the bath. It's also easy to set up and clean up, and the dog pool has a plastic drain valve on the side/bottom which helps you drain the water quickly and easily.

This dog swimming pool is foldable and portable, it can be folded into a small and portable size for easy storage and portability, suitable for camping or traveling.

Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool with Cover and Hose Adapter

Foldable dog swimming pool manufacturer

As an excellent manufacturer of pet supplies, GU & PETs sells high quality foldable dog pet bath pool with cover and hose adapter for pet cats and dogs to play and bathe.If you want to know more about pet supplies, or are interested in our products, you can visit the website of GU & PETs to contact us.

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