How to properly charge the lithium battery?

Adaptability of lithium battery charger


Use the charging adapter that matches the device, preferably the original one. At the end of the rise of smartphones, in order to protect their own rights and interests, various mobile phone manufacturers focused on using real charging heads (including charging cables) to charge consumers and batteries. It is a charging cable for mobile phones and is not compatible with other charging heads (including charging cables). Later, as smartphones and laptops became more widely used, it became clear that they were combined in their own way. So basically everyone has a uniform standard. Charger cables can charge devices of all brands and performances. One issue that users should be aware of is keeping the battery as good as possible. Usually, when the battery is low, a notification is displayed on the mobile phone and laptop, and the battery needs to be recharged in time. Battery power is too low to cause an immediate safety incident, but over time, overuse can damage the battery structure. Take your time to prevent overcharging. Do the right thing at the right time. The lithium battery itself has good electrochemical performance, but if the lithium battery is unbalanced, there is a safety hazard. The above is the adaptability of lithium battery charger.

lithium battery

Lithium battery charging time should not be too long


Overcharging is also called overcharging. It is best to unplug the power supply when fully charged. The exterior of the lithium battery consists of many components. The new battery is normal. If it takes a long time, there is a risk of overcharging, as the functionality of each part may be reduced. The typical thinking of Samsung and Apple is the responsibility of the owner of the appliance. When people fell asleep, they charged their phones on the bed, causing burns and explosions. The above introduces the principle of Lithium battery charging time should not be too long.

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