How to choose a qualified substrate support mat

Ceramic honeycomb regenerator can withstand high-temperature environment: substrate support mat acts as a medium for high-temperature flue gas heat release and combustion air heat absorption in the regenerative combustion system.


Efficacy of substrate support mat: The regenerative heat exchanger must meet the requirements of being able to work in a high-temperature environment for a long time, which is also the main reason for the regenerative heat exchanger. The substrate support mat periodically works at high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius In the environment, the waste heat of the high-temperature flue gas is recovered, so the substrate support mat must first meet the requirements of being able to work at high temperatures for a long time. Therefore, the substrate support mat needs to meet the first condition of high-temperature resistance, which is the fire resistance of the material of the substrate support mat. The temperature is generally not lower than 1250℃. The substrate support mat has excellent thermal conductivity: It can be seen from the working principle of the high-temperature air combustion technology that for the system to operate efficiently, the substrate support mat must complete the process of absorbing heat from the high-temperature flue gas and releasing heat to the combustion-supporting air in a relatively short period of time. Thermal conductivity is the main factor that affects the heat of the heat-absorbing flue gas and the preheating air rate of the regenerator. The substrate support mat with high thermal conductivity can quickly absorb the heat of the flue gas and store it when the high-temperature flue gas flows through the substrate support mat. In the substrate support mat, when the flame retardant air flows through the substrate support mat, the better the thermal conductivity of the substrate support mat, the easier the heat transfer on the wall of the substrate support mat, and the better the thermal conductivity, the higher the volume utilization rate, The substrate support mat can be arranged more compactly. The above is the high-temperature resistance of substrate support mat.

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