Correct operation of plastic switch mould

The key point of plastic switch mould operation is to prevent pulling and closing the knife with load, and to prevent closing the knife with grounding.​​

The correct sequence of operations is:

The power transmission operation sequence, check that the circuit breaker is in the open position, first close the busbar (power) side knife switch, then close the line (load) side knife switch, and finally close the circuit breaker.​​

In the power failure operation sequence, first open the circuit breaker, check that the circuit breaker is in the open position, then open the line (load) side knife switch, and finally open the bus (power) side knife switch. Inverted busbar operation (equipotential operation) can also be performed with a knife switch.​​

1. The plastic switch mould must be operated without load or the load is within the allowable range of the plastic switch mould. That is, the circuit breaker must be in the off state when the plastic switch mould is operating.​​

2. Pull out the locating pin first during operation. The opening and closing actions should be decisive and quick, and do not use too much force at the end. After the operation is completed, it must be locked with the locating pin, and visually check whether the position of the moving contact meets the requirements.​​

3. In case of misoperation of switching plastic switch mould with load, be calm to avoid misoperation in the opposite direction.

plastic switch mould

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