How to maintain the water pump mechanical seal

A water pump mechanical seal is a widely used rotary shaft dynamic seal, also known as a face seal. In recent decades, mechanical seal technology has made great progress and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, aviation, atomic energy, and other industries. According to the statistics of my country's contemporary petrochemical industry, 80%-90% of centrifugal pumps use mechanical seals.

mechanical seal

According to relevant standards, a mechanical seal is defined as: under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism, a device that keeps several pairs of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation to prevent fluid leakage; the coordination of the auxiliary seal keeps fit and relative sliding.

The mechanical seal is an important seal in the pump. It is installed at the connection between the motor and the pump body to ensure that the medium does not leak during the operation of the pump. The mechanical seal is also a wearing part of the pump. If the mechanical seal is damaged, it will not only reduce the use of the pump. efficiency, and more damage to the pump over time. Therefore, in the daily use of the water pump, the mechanical seal must be properly maintained so that it has a better sealing effect and a longer service life. So how to prevent mechanical seal damage? Pay attention to the following aspects when overhauling the water pump mechanical seal.

1. Avoid leakage due to loose parts, pay attention to the heating phenomenon caused by impurities entering the end face and whether there is abnormal noise during operation. For pumps running continuously, more attention should be paid to preventing dry friction during operation. Do not allow the pump to evacuate, set up an automatic device to prevent pump evacuation if necessary. For pumps that run intermittently, attention should be paid to the crystals formed due to the drying of the material after the pump is stopped, or the crystals precipitated by cooling. When starting the pump, heating or flushing measures should be taken to prevent the crystals from precipitation. Scratches the end face and affects the sealing effect.

2. Whether the circulation protection systems and instruments such as flushing and cooling are working normally and stably. It should be noted that cooling failure is due to sudden water stoppage, sealing failure, or accidents due to blockage of cooling pipes, flushing pipes, and pressure-equalizing pipes.

3. Factors such as vibration and heat generation of the centrifugal pump itself will also affect the sealing performance, which must be observed frequently. When the bearing part is damaged, it will also affect the sealing performance, so pay attention to whether the bearing is hot and whether the sound is abnormal during operation so that it can be repaired in time.

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