Lost Ark Guide - How to get Stone of Chaos

So far, there are three ways to get the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos, they are World Boss Thunderwings, Legion Raid Event in Lost Ark, and Lost Ark Vendors. It is not difficult for professional players.

For casual players, the first two methods require players to have a certain amount of patience. The last method is the easiest, but for beginner players, it may require you to accumulate Lost Ark Gold For Sale for a long time to be able to use it. RPGStash will also introduce these three different methods to players.

World Boss Thunderwings

Thunderwings appear every few hours in the game. Players can go to the South Fern continent to find this world leader monster. Defeating Thunderwings can help you get the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos.

Players can also check out Procyon’s Compass for directions and timers generated by Thunderwings. So grinding the boss battle is a way to help you get Stone of Chaos.

Legion Raid Event in Lost Ark

In the new Legion Raid event, boss monsters have a rare chance to drop Stone of Chaos, several types of boss monsters with their unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. You can defeat boss monsters to increase the chance of dropping Stone of Chaos.

To unlock Legion Raid, you must first be at least 1415 on Normal difficulty and 1445 on Hard difficulty. The specific boss monster names that have a chance to drop Stone of Chaos are as follows:

    Demon Beast Commander Valtan
    Covetour Legion Commander Vykas
    Phantom Ledion Commander Brelshaza
    Mayhem Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon

Lost Ark Vendors

The easiest and quickest way to get materials is to buy them directly from in-game Vendors, where players can find Legion Raid merchants in every major city. But it's also the most expensive way to get the Stone of Chaos.

When you go to a vendor, the Stone of Chaos price also changes based on the number of purchases. The first ten purchases will cost you between 500 and 900 Gold. After that, the cost of each Stone of Chaos will skyrocket to 1000 Gold. But that's not the only way to trade.

You can also find collector Jorba and exchange items with him. He is located in the village of Punicatinia. Obtaining Stone of Chaos is not difficult, but it requires your patience and energy to complete it. If you are a casual gamer, Buy lost ark gold from a third-party channel rpgstash.com outside the game, It is also a good option.

RPGStash is a professional Lost Ark supplier. It has cultivated a large number of advanced game accounts and delivers a large amount of Gold to players every day. It is a reliable MMORPG service website. Making PVP and PVE battles a truly worthwhile challenge.

The Stone of Chaos is an essential material for those who want to enjoy the Lost Ark endgame. Although it is a rare drop, it can be collected in sufficient quantities after a few days of training. Only when the next door is upgraded to the relic level, players can truly experience all the endgame activities.

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