FUT 22 Guide - How to complete TOTGS Cova's objectives

The Tier 90 Group Stage (TOTGS) version of Maurice Cova from Deportivo Táchira will be awarded to players who complete game objectives in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. To better meet the challenge, players should earn a lot of FUT 22 Coins to improve the overall level of the squad.

Teams advanced from the group stage select the best players in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Europa League, with an upgraded version added in FIFA 22. This is just the beginning, players have more time to acquire this card.

If you compare this TOTGS version to his 63-level Libertadores card, you'll notice that EA greatly improved Cova's all shooting (+36), dribbling (+27), passing (+27), pace (+ 26), Defense (+27) and Physical (+22).

All objectives of TOTGS Cova can be completed in any FUT game mode. Of the five tasks you have to complete, you only need to win one of them, which shouldn't be a big problem.

Players have until June 19th to earn TOTGS Maurice Cova and you have a week to do everything and get the card. Here are your goals for earning TOTGS Maurice Cova:

Twenty Goal Haul: Score 20 goals in any FUT game mode.
Argentinian Accuracy: Score using Argentinian players in 12 separate matches in any FUT game mode.
Win 10: Win 10 matches in any FUT game mode with min. seven CONMEBOL Libertadores players in your starting squad.
Play 15: Play 15 matches in any FUT game mode.
Through Talent: Assist five goals with Through Balls in any FUT game mode.

The TOTGS Cova mission doesn't require you to win all the games, but competitive players can't bear to lose, so more players seek to win all the games, and winning the game means more rewards. If you want to win all the games, it is best to adjust your squad to the best state, RPGStash can help you achieve your wish to get rich overnight, you just need to Buy FIFA 22 Coins at RPGStash, and our 24/7 customer service will contact you in time, Use auction house transactions for fast fulfillment.

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