Lost Ark Guide - How to Get Item Level 302 Gear

How to upgrade 302 item level gear

After completing Fern's main quest, you'll get a new ship that can break the ice, giving you access to the Shushire region. Players who spend about a few hours completing the main quest will receive a full set of endgame gear for free.

Once you've got your endgame gear, the real grind of the Lost Ark begins. From now on, you'll try to level up your items by using the honing system, which was unlocked around the same time as Chaos Dungeons, and you can find NPCs in every major city to hone your gear.

How the Honing System works

First, players need to perform endgame events such as Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons, and Yuna's Quests to earn currency such as Gold Lost Ark and materials needed to upgrade gear. Most of these activities can only be interrupted so many times a day or week. The items you need to start with are Harmony Shards and Harmony Leapstones, as well as Destruction Stone Fragments (for weapons) and Guardian Stone Fragments (for armor).

To upgrade your gear, go to the Honing NPC and you will see a list of all upgrades. To honk an item, feed the item with the required Harmony Fragments in advance until its experience bar is full. Once done, it can be honed. You can then use Harmony Leapstones as well as Destruction Stone Fragments or Guardian Stone Fragments to upgrade your gear to higher item levels.

The first few upgrades of each piece of equipment will have a 100% success rate. However, as you continue to upgrade your gear to +6, your chances of success will start to drop. If you're unlucky and your honing fails, you lose all the material you used to try. It's not a great feeling, but there is a silver lining that your next upgrade attempt will have a higher chance of success. Later, there are projects and other ways to increase your chances of success, and you'll want to find these eventually.

This is the basis for upgrading gear, but please do not disassemble or discard old upgrade gear. If you find that a piece of gear has more desirable stats than the upgraded endgame gear piece you're currently equipping, you won't need to go through the entire upgrade process for the new item from scratch. Using the gear transfer system, you can basically import all the upgrade levels from the old item into the new item, destroying the original item in the process. To do this, you just need to visit the honing NPC, select the gear transmission, and pay the credit fee. It's that simple, it saves you never having to feel bad about finding new gear that's better for your build. Just take all levels from your currently equipped items, transfer them to new ones, and voila, you're good to go, no time or upgrade materials to lose in the process.

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